Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good Reads.

                     Kadasia here! 
        So I just wanted to share a trilogy that I am reading that I think you guys should most definitely check out. It's Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver and of course, the two books that come after, Pandemonium & Requiem( not in photo, sorry lovelies). 

        Lauren Oliver is a wonderful writer and Deliruim is a beautiful love story! It's full of love...action....terror and soooo much more! The main plot is of a time where "love" is a disease and around their 18th birthday, a procedure is given so that the person is immune to it. Something different, right? 
         I really hope that you check this book out, it keeps you on the
edge of your seat! & if anyone is wondering the book is totally appropriate with only a couple curse words in the whole entire first book. Also nothing inappropriate, just a nice book to grab on a sunny day (; 

                      Talk to you later (:


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