Saturday, November 30, 2013


     Hey! Kadasia here and I wanted share with you my first experience of eating a pomegranate!

     Now many of you guys may have the reaction of "Wow? You've really never had a pomegranate?" I would have to say "Nope..." and sadly walk away haha. Now I can say that I've drank POM juice and I LOVEEEEE it ! This is why I had to get the actual fruit. Also pomegranates are a good for you! Duh(:

     So since it was my first time eating a pomegranate I was really unsure on how to "open" it. I didn't know if I should peel it or cut it! But luckily Pinksofoxy on youtube showed me the most simplest and effective way to happily enjoy my fruit. (Its personal preference to spit out the seeds, I did. But its a pain next time I will try not too haha)

Here's my beauty

It was very very delicious by the way! I have to go and buy more, I've never actually seen them in my Walmart so now I have to stock up!

If you have any questions, comments, or advice dont hesitate to write your heart out in the comments below(:

Thanks for reading, catch you later!

Healthy eating BUT have peanut allergies ?

     Hey guys it's Kadasia here and I have allergies to....basically everything lol. Well if your like me, wanting to eat healthy and get fit or just like to eat yummy veggies, fruit, and nuts and have allergies then you understand my point exactly!
     So being the Pinterest addict that I am, I was int he Fitness & Health category to search some new ways to get fit & healthy and maybe even slim down a little in the process. So I came across some really cool pins and I'll show you one below! 

     Okay. BAM first one already stabs me in the heart, they are using almonds! Can't eat those and then next on the list is peanut butter...nooooooo!

     Well the good new is that there are alternatives to these nuts. What I like to eat if I'm craving a nutty flavor are: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, granola even. These seeds give off the crunchy and oily taste that nuts do and make you feel like your not missing out haha. Also dried fruit like plantain chips, apple chips, banana chips...I think they have pretty much every fruit out there in a chip form and that will also add a sweet crunch. 

     Now if your a granola kind of chick (or dude (; ) there is a brand of granola that i personally love made by, Back to Nature, its so delicious !

I hope that this helps anyone who is dealing with this problem! You don't have to give up healthy snacks, just do a "healthy swap!"

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!
Talk to ya later!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Be thankful for all you have! In honor of the Holiday Ana & I will be taking off and having a relaxing rest (psttt, do the same!) so we will see you all back on Monday ! Happy holiday (:

                -Kadasia & Ana 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SleepCyle Alarm

Hello again lovelies, Ana here! Today I just wanted to let you guys in on my new favourite app, SleepCycle! This app, is simply amazing. It tracks sleeping patterns while you're asleep; all you have to is just turn on the app before you go to sleep! Best of all this application is also an alarm clock that wakes you up during you lightest sleep cycle, making it much easier to get up in the morning! Although this app comes with a free version & other versions priced from 99€ to $2, I found that the free version wirks just fine! Below is a screen shot of the tracking patterns that you can look at in the morning, through the app!

Overall I found this app to be a great tool to wake up feeling more refreshed and energized in the morning!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Corn Sufflé

Welcome back lovelies, Ana here! Today I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner! The following is my recipe for Corn Sufflé,  absolutely delicious.... This perticular dish cannot go missing from my family table table during Thanksgiving!

All you'll need to make this dish is the following: 
                1 can whole kernel corn
                1 can cream-style corn
                1 pkg. of jiffy corn muffin mix
                1 stick of cream cheese
                4 oz. of sour cream
In order to prepare the dish all you have to do is pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees, then simply mix the ingredients together, and pour into a casserole dish! Next just pop your dish in the oven for around 55 minutes, & enjoy! 

If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments below, or even if you have any suggestions on dishes you enjoy, I'd love to hear them as well!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Healthy Breakfast

Hello lovelies Ana here! Today I wanted to inspire you guys with a some quick & easy healthy breakfast! As we all know breakfast is our most important meal... However, a healthy breakfast is a chore, due to time & effort! Below is my new favourite breakfast it's super quick and way easy!

The above breakfast takes me literally 5 minutes! It's oatmeal with Cocunut spreads and strawberries! Whats so good about this meal?? Well for one, it's way easy to change up! I prefer plain oatmeal, but any flavor will do for this! Next are the toppings, I like Cocunut spreads with strawberries, but any mixture of fruits will do (strawberries and bannas taste bomb!)!
All in all this takes 5 minutes and keeps you full and energized through your next meal!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

La la la la

       Hey there chicas! Kadasia here(: 

Today I want to talk to you about musiccc (who knows maybe it'll become music Monday or something haha). Personally speaking I love the piano and guitar. I own a guitar and recently have began playing again. Now if your into music and instruments you know that there comes a time in every instruments life where it needs to be tuned (at least for those with strings). I would like to share an app that I've found that tunes guitars. 

     This app is called Guitartuna. Cool name right? I know that when you don't have the ear to know if your guitar is tuned it can be vet frustrating and makes you not want to play. But have no fear, Guitartuna is here ! The app is fairly simple, all you do is strum a string and the all will automatically pick up what string you are trying to tune and will tell you if it's too high or low (or you can manually tell it which string you're plucking) 

This is what the app looks like! So if you ever need to tune your guitar but your not sure how or where to start just download this app and your all set ! 

***this app is in the apple App Store, I'm not sure about android***

Now about favorite music...I really love Royals by Lorde. You should definitely give it a try if you haven't!

What's you fav songs? Let me know below!

            Until next time, see ya!(: 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sleeping in Style!

      So a little while ago I decided that it was time to get a new comforter. Something new and different. Therefore I headed over to my favorite store, Target, of course (; 
      Here I found a beautiful quilt (which I've never had). Gahhhhh! I love it. So it reads, "Goodnight.....Sleep Tight," in repition in a gorgeously selected cursive. 

            Now for the shocking part

This quilt was found in the baby aisle haha. Yes, you read correctly. Let me explain. 

     While I was in Target looking in the teen and even the more modern/adult section of bedding I just couldn't fun one that suited me ! So I walked around some more going through all the aisles and saw this beauty(: it really ironic for a 'chic' teenager to purchase children bedding...but it's more original than what made for teens. 
     Now the price for a quilt is more on the pricy side but I promise you it's worth every penny! My quilt set was around $70, it came with the quilt and a sham for the pillow. I have nothing bad to say about it either! It keeps me nice and cozy at night(: 

    So what I learned is to "go outside the box," you never know what you might find ! 

                   Until next time !

Friday, November 15, 2013

Save Time in the Mornig

Hello lovelies, Ana here! As we all know mornings can be heck tick, and even getting out the door can prove to be a huge struggle! Below are some amazing tips that I use everyday in order to make my mornings run more smoothly:

Prepack your bag. This ones pretty self explanatory, just prepack your belongings the night before! Whether it's your backpack or even the purse you'll be using the next day, have it prepared the night before. This way all you'll have to do in the morning is grab your bag & go!

Choose your outfit in advance. This one can be very tricky as everyone picks out their clothes in the morning based on mood, weather, or even comfort; however, I find that if look-up the weather & plan my outfits two or three days in advance my mornings move a lot quicker. This tip also helps prevent a mountain of clothes from gathering in your closet!

Know what to with your hair. I have a huge problem with this one, as I like to curl my hair the night before, and let the curls fall a little bit overnight! Despite this, I still try to plan my hairstyle in advance as well. I find my mornings go smoother when I wake up knowing what to do, rather than have to try diffrent hairstyles as I'm getting ready.

Wash your makeup brushes the night before. If you wear makeup then you know how difficult it is to work with dirty brushes; the colors either don't come out right, or if it's dirty enough the brush will not pick up the makeup! For this reason I try to wash my brushes every four to five nights, this way they'll be clean & dry by morning!

If you guys have anymore tips, I'd love to read them in the comments below

Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's been happening.

So you have probably noticed that Ana & I haven't been here all week...

I'll explain why (on behalf of Ana also). 

Soooo life has been very very very busy for both of us this week, sadly that has interfered with blogging. But we will be back strong just give us a little time to catch up with things (: 

Now, this weekend I will be blogging about the Julep Nail polish and I will also give the swatches then. I haven't said anything about it yet because so far, I haven't had good results. So I am going to be trying the colors out again this weekend and then doing a "chip check" everyday. At the end of the week or so I'll compile a collage so you can see the wear and tear. 

                 Have a great day !

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weapon of Choice

Hello lovelies, Ana here! Today I wanted to talk about personal safety. It's a fact of life that not everyone out there has our bet interest in mind. Due to this, I recently decided to take my safety and well being into my own hands! As of last week I have to walk through my school parking lot alone and in the dark, due to daylight savings. Now as we all know that can be pretty scary especially in a college campus with huge parking lots; this is why I recently bought myself Pepper Spray for my keys. Personally, I don't see a problem with carrying Pepper Spray as long you understand that it's only used in emergencies, and your school allows you to carry it. 

The one I decided to purchase is the Sabre Pink Pepper from Office Depot (of course it would be pink)! And so far so good. I decided to spray it when I first bought it to make sure it worked properly & it seemed to spray with enough force!

All in all, I just wanted to say that sometimes it's okay to take our safety into our own hands; and even something as simple as Pepper Spray can make us feel a tad safer, or even get us out of a bad situation! As they say always better safe than sorry!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pose !

      So I downloaded this app, Pose, a while ago but I wasn't really that into it. Now I feel so bad for deleting it because I'm am wayyyyy more into fashion than before! 

Now I'm still exploring Pose but as you can see it's a way in order to follow other fashstinitas around the world ! It tells you the weather and gives you two photos for  inspiration! Also if you keep scrolling there's a product of the day & more. 

     Are you on pose? If so list your username below I would love to follow you ! (I'm under @justkayy) btw the Pose app has a purple icon with 'Pose' in white cursive 

             Have a great weekend !

Friday, November 8, 2013

Julep, a nail polish subscription company.

             Hi guys, Kadasia here!
Tonight I want to talk to you about Julep; a company that you subscribe to and every month you are sent nail polish for $19.99 (give or take tax and or shipping)! Sounds awesome right !? Well let me tell you it is ! I have tried out this company and so far so good...I haven't tried out my 2 polishes but a review for that will be up soon ! 
       For more information about Julep, go to Also if you would like to try out Julep and become a Maven (what a member is called) I'll have a referral code to get your first Maven box free, well excluding the shipping which is $3.99 haha. Here's what came in my box!
Two informational cards about Julep & my personal style (; ||| a instant warming foot scrub with cucumber and mint (which is so shooting to use) ||| my two nail polishes |||| Luxe Repair Skin Serum (makes your skin soft (: )
        If you have any questions please ask below ! Until next time ! (: 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nail Polish...

Hello lovelies, Ana here! Today I just wanted to give a shoutout to one of my favourite nail brands at the moment: Sinful Colors. This brand makes extremely high quality polishes at some of the most reasonable prices on the market! Their polishes not only come in the most beautiful shades and colors, but they dry super fast as well. Their shade Vacation Time is one of my favourites at the moment! This polish color goes with literally any outfit for the autumn, & dries in no time, so it's perfect for on the go! 

Let me know in the comments below if you have any polishes you would recommend, I would love to try them!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top Buys of All Time<3

Hello lovelies, Ana here. Today I want to share with you guys my top makeup buys of all time! Now, this will include some products that are on the pricier side, but again, they're totally worth every penny! These are my holly grail products that I seem to come back to again, & again:

Mary Kay Liguid Foundation. This has to be all time favourite foundation! I find that with this product the coverage is perfect; it covers all those unsightly blemishes, but it's not too thick & always looks natural on your face!

Mac Studio Finish Powder. Another holy grail product, I have been using this powder since the day I began wearing makeup! I have strayed from it here & there, but I always end up using it again. This power stays matte all day long, & it really makes a diffrence with the way your foundation looks!

NAKED Palette. Enough said, this is a beauty must-have for everyone! This palette contains all neutral shades (matte & shimmery) that go well with each other. I especially recommend this if you travel a lot, you'll only need this one palette, & you're good to go!
Avon Drama Mascara. If any of you out there have short lashes, well girl let me tell you: this mascara will work wonders for you! I happen to have to stubbiest little eyelashes & this mascara just makes them pop, even without an eyelash curler. Though I do find that it smells horrible while it's wet, I promise that smell goes away after the mascara dries! 

All in all these are my top four holly grail products! Yes I know, some can be pretty evensive, but trust me they are more than worth the money, and last literally forever! 

What are your top products? Let me know in the comments, I love hearing from you guys!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Day light savings.....

Hey guys, Kadasia here ! 
       So how about that extra hour of sleep we all got on Sunday ??? (: it felt wonderful !
      But now I'm sitting here trying todo hw and I'm already tremendously poor brain feels as if it was time to go to bed an hour ago. Sigh, the struggles of a teenager. 
      How have you been since the time change?  Let me know below ! Have a great night !

Friday, November 1, 2013


Hay ya'll Kadasia here. It's amazing what lace can do ! This is a simple flowy button-down but with lace it's turned into a slightly dressy blouse. I love this color and it's a example of how simple things can be chic. 
           Have any ideas of up cycling?

                 Let me know below!
                 Goodnight beauties