Monday, December 30, 2013

What I got for Christmas!

Hey guys!
I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas! I know that I did!

So I just wanted to show you guys what I got (this is not in anyway to brag, I just want to show you guys what I was so thankful to receive and maybe even give you some ideas of things to get).
To start off I'll show you a overall picture for what I got!

Now I'll go into detail!

Galaxy Tab 3

So starting off, I was not expecting this at all...but I received a Galaxy Tab 3! Before this I had a Nook but now I don't need that anymore, since my Tab is like an upgrade. I really love it, it's fast, hold battery life and you can do anything on it (well almost haha)!

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set

I cannot say enough nice words about this nail polish set! I now am in love with Deborah Lippmann's nail colors...they are so beautiful, smooth, and fast drying. And when I say fast drying, I mean in about 30 seconds your coat of polish is dry. I will do a separate review on this set later!

Scarf from Target (limited edition)

I love this scarf! Its beautiful, it does a fading of blue lines and they get closer and closer together down the scarf. Its super comfy and I tied it at the end to create a infinity scarf also.

Soap and perfumes

Ahhhhh, I"ll be smelling very yummy for the remainder of the year and in the New Year! I got a soap from Whole Foods (I haven't used it yet but I"ll tell you how it is, it smells yummy), a candle and perfume in the scent Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica from Whole Foods (my favorite is Brazilian Mango Grapefruit) and lastly my boyfriend got me a set of three Juicy Couture perfumes which I just cant get enough of.

Sunglasses, socks, wallet, and 20 bucks.

Okay so lastly I got these sunglasses ( but I need to get mah contacts first haha), some socks from Justice (colorful & plain), and a wallet that you can also put your phone in!

So that's it !
I hope you guys saw some things you liked and even might want to ask for next year haha
I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas and got to have fun with your family.
What did you get for Christmas?

Have a wonderful evening guys!

What I Received for Christmas!

Hello loves, Ana here! 
Recently Kadasia & I decided to post what we each got for Christmas; not as a brag, but just for show & tell purposes & maybe we'll even inspire some of you to purchase these items for yourself!

Sedona Lace Makeup Brushes
These brushes are a must have for any makeup lover! Take it from me who personally preferred Mac brushes.... These new ones have completely transformed my perspective! I especially love the foundation brushes which work the foundation & concealer so well into my pores, it's hard to tell I'm wearing any at all! Needless to say I love all of the brushes, & I was most surprised by how much product these brushes can hold at once!

Naked 3 Palette
Words cannot explain how amazing this palette is! I love the origional Naked Palette, soo therefore I had high expectations for this one.... I wasn't disappointed!! This palette is beautiful, and all of the colors I could see myself wearing. This palette is excellant not only for everyday use but special occasions as well. All in all I wasn't disappointed, the rose old undertones took this palette above & beyond my expectations, & I think I've found my new favorite!

Bath & Body Works Set
Let's just say I'll be smelling like a fresh daisy for a while! As with anything from Bath & Body this set didn't disappoint! However, the products don't smell like perfume.... Instead they smell fresh, more like cleanliness, than a harsher stronger perfume smell (which is a nice change)!

Victoria's Secret Lotion Set
I can't get enough of this scent! Unlike the Bath & Body set mentioned above this set smells more like perfume... Which is a nice alternative to have! I think I can speak for most girls when I say, this lotion is absolutely amazing, for more reasons than one!
In the end, I am extremely thankful for everything I received.... Because in all honesty loved ones choose to give us presents because they love us! At the end of the day no one has to get each other anything, because that isn't what Christmas is about... It's truley about slowing down & spending time with loved ones, and ultimately being truley thankful from the bottom of our hearts for the ultimate gift, & for the things we already own!
Until Next Time!

Acts of Kindness

So on Christmas Eve, I was in Big Lots and I spotted this awesome cup. It looks like a cup that's from Starbucks with a straw. So I asked my mom to buy it and sadly she said no....ugh lol.

So I said "When I get $5.00 I'm going to buy this cup!(:" 

So after that, we went to another part of the store and I left my parents to look around the store. After a while I came back to my parents and they told me that the lady that was beside us, also looking at the cups, gave them a bag and told them that she had bought me the cup I wanted.

I was so happy and wanted to give her a hug but she ran out of the store after giving my parents the cup.

This act of kindness made me feel so loved and makes me want to do the same thing for someone else, that women will in return be given the same amount and more for her act of kindness and I hope that she had a wonderful Christmas!

Have you ever done a random act of kindness?
If not its a wonderful thing to do, I cant wait for my moment!
Have a great day

My Cup

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Year!

       Whoooooooo! It's a new year!

Another chance to make new memories, goals, and have fun. We wish you a wonderful year and hope it's full with tons of creative ideas, wishes, dreams, and actions. We love you all. Have a wonderful year and be ready for what we have in store !!! New ideas for this blog and even a new design coming soon (: 

                 So Happy New Year!

        Yours truly, Kadasia and Ana (: 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some things that I find interesting

Hey there! Kadasia here. Today I just wanted let you guys in on some things that I've found cool or interesting lately that I of course found on Pinterest. 

|||Periodic Table Shower Curtain|||

Haha okay so something you guys should know about me is that I love Chemistry. I'm currently enrolled in AP Chemistry and it's kicking my butt, but in time we"ll be friends. But anyways, this curtain just made me chuckle because its a HUGE periodic table for your shower...I mean who thought of that?Style is Elemental Shower Curtain - Multi, Scholastic/Collegiate, White, Novelty Print, Better
|||Making shapes with paper for your camera|||

Now this one is really cool guys (I've had a chance to try it out). So all you do is take your camera, (I did this on the Canon Rebel t3i) and simply cut out a shape as the person did below and put it on your camera. Now I can't tell you how to put this on, whether with tape or any other adhesive because to be honest I just held it up with my hand to refrain from damaging my mothers camera. The trick is instead of making the picture completely focused you'll need to play around with the settings in order to keep it from autofocusing and voila! 

|||Convert your shirt|||

So this is a very simple DIY for us girls out there who want to make our clothes different from the rest! It's a pretty simple DIY.

Have you seen anything thats caught your eye recenty?
Tell me of so below!
Have a great day

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve OOTN

Hello world, it's Ana! Today I just wanted to give a quick overview of my Christmas Eve Outfit! 
As most families do on Christmas Eve, I went out to dinner with mine & then went to a Christmas Party! The following is my Outfit of The Night (I accidentally deleted the detailed photo, soo I just included a candid shot, with my cousin!):

I saw this outfit fit for the occasion, as it had gold & glitter accents all over the Peter Pan collar! (That reminds me of Christmas!) This dress also had a white lace top & satin white skirt that looked sooo girly & cute... I couldn't resist purchasing it! 
I found this dress has its many strong points, but it can also make you look very young! To combat this I tied the waist ribbon tighter around my waist (as an accent) & opted for simple nude pumps! These shoes not only complimented the color scheme of my outfit perfectly, but added a more grown up touch as well!
As for the nights out wear, it was a little chilly in Vegas, soo I wore a gold blazer(again complimenting the dress' best features).
Lastly for jewelry I opted for my favorite studs & a simple yet classy fake pearl bracelet! Again, my goal was to complement the dress (my focal point) while not takeing any attention from it! 
Let me know below what you wore on Christmas, & if you guys would like another OOTN for New Years!
Until next time!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

It's Here!

Hey guys, I hope that you all are having a wonderful Christmas. Spend today with your family and even open up a few presents! But remember Christmas isn't all about the gifts but about love and caring for others and the blessings we receive everyday!

Love you all!
Merry Christmas!

Kadasia and Ana

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What to wear?

Christmas is tmrw! Are you excited?! *Happy Dance*
(I hope your screaming yes into your computer)
Well I am and today I'm bringing to you two outfit ideas for the holiday season, one fancy and the other for a casual occasion.

The first is a simple and casual look. It can be worn out to the store, if your just going out to get some coffee with a friend or even if your going over someone's house for Christmas to deliver presents, but nothing fancy. 

What I have here is a simple sweater paired with medium washed skinny jeans, riding boots and a infinity scarf. Those are the key pieces to this outfit; now you could always switch out the colors and also boots for maybe Ugg's or Converse (depending on where you love and how cold it is). For the bag I just went simple with a cross body the same color as the sweater and the same for the earrings. Lastly I added a silver bracelet and some lip color. 

Next is an outfit for a fancy Christmas dinner or a night out on Christmas. It's dressy and very classy.

Here I have a red chiffon dress. That is the staple piece to this outfit...what kind of dress you wear. Now in order to build on this outfit I added a skinny sparkly belt. For the shoes I added two opinions; flats or heels. Since it's winter, I added a beige trench coat to keep you warm and as for the accessories I have a sparkly clutch and simple jewelry. I wanted to go bold with the lips, just because it Christmas! Oh and if it gets too cold, you can put on a pair of black tights to keep your legs warm.

I hope that you can take inspiration from these two outfits!
But remember, whatever you wear, you"ll look fabulous!
If you have any questions or advice let me know in the comments
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Inspiration Journal

Hello my lovelies, Ana here! As we all know the holidays are a time to spend with family and friends; or other wise, the people who make us the happiest in life! However it is also very easy to become caught up in all of the holiday greed! Take it from me who spent all of yesterday literally driving back and forth across Vegas trying to find the perfect presents for my family members!

In order to combat this common issue I have recently started keeping a journal.... & not just any journal, a journal full of positive things in my life! 
Every night I write a list of three things that I'm thankful for, this way I concentrate on all of the good in my life instead of the negative. I've found that since I began doing this I have been an all around happier person... I even feel the positive energy as I write down my blessings each night! 
I know some people may find it corny, but I don't see a problem with concentrating on all of the good things in my life, I even find that I wake up in a better mood the next morning!
Soo in the end, I guess the purpose of this post was just to share a new way of counting your blessings, and sharing a my own personal way of keeping my postitive energy from turning negative!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Its almost here! Are you out of Christmas present ideas?

Hey guys! 
Christmas is almost here! I can't believe it!
{4 more days]

So are any of you still stumped on what to get someone for Christmas? Well I have some ideas! 

The Movie Lover:
crazy easy christmas gift that ANYONE will appreciate for just 10 bucks
So here is a great little gift for that person in your life that likes movies. It could even be a stocking stuffer, just simply buy them a movie (not redbox, since this would be a gift) preferably a Christmas one since it's that time of year (;, some of their fav candy, and popcorn. It would complete one of those cold winter nights.

The Hot Coco Lover:


So this is a very sweet and unique idea for someone who loveeees their hot chocolate. Just simply fill it with hot chocolate mix, add marshmallows and add a bow. Here they made the mixture themselves but, using pre-made mix would work fine.

Everyone Likes to Be Warm:
christmas fabric

If you like to sew, why not make a pair of nice, warm, and comfy pj pants. I just simply searched on Pinterest for "Christmas Fabric" and chose one I liked. But going to Joann's or you local craft store would probably be quicker haha

I hope I've inspired you! 
If you have any last minute gift ideas, write them below!
until next time 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Kate Spade

Hello and Happy Friday!

So I'm sure that you've heard of Kate Spade, but...have you ever looked at any of her merchandise ? Well, let me tell you, you missing out! Kate Spade gorgeously captures beauty and style in everything she's created. I, in particular have my eyes on her handbags.

Beacon Court Jeanne 

Just to show you how roomy these bags are. This is the inside of the Catherine Street Pippa bag.

Now I'm in love with all of these bags, they are absolutely beautiful and I feel, just my style!They are super roomy and fit tons of things inside. I first saw Kate's bag when watching Lisa Pullano's "What's in my bag?" video on Youtube and instantly fell in love.

Are there any designers that you have your eyes on?
Tell me below in the comments!

until next time!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to get well/stay well during winter

     Hey guys it's Kadasia, today I just want to give you some tips on staying healthy during the winter. I haven't even able to post lately sir to being sick, I even had to miss school (ugh---make up midterms). So here we goooo(:

1. Drink lots of fluids. Your body needs you to replenish all of the nutrients it's lacking. Now when I say fluids I don't mean to go and drinks tons of soda, coffee, or hot coco. I know it's hard but drinks things such as water, orange juice (great vitamin C booster) or hot tea (green tea is wonderful)

2. Stay warm! I know this sounds like such a cliché, but it really is important to stay warm. If your wearing any type of shirt or sweater that has an open middle to it, exposing your chest then wear a scarf. If your worried about the stylish aspect of a scarf, infinty scenes are trending and are perfect to stay in fashion an keep warm. You can buy one or simply diy a regular scarf in your closet. They are great because you will always have a thick, warm price of clothe around you repay and chest area. 

3. Cough drops on you. Cough drops are a must have I you go on little "cough sprees" as I like to call them. They will quickly soothe your throat and helps to minimize coughs. But don't go for the fruity kinds such as Halls Defense or Breezers. You want something that's going to help get you better. Get the originals and if you want some that actually taste yummy then the strawberry flavor is the one for you. 

4. Sleep. Getting proper sleep is important, especially wen your sick. Your body is trying it's best to get you through the day an needs to take time to rest at the end of the day, even go to bed early if you can.

5. Medicine. If your takin medication to get well, then make sure to take it as the box says too. If it says every four hours, try to take it every four hours or else you will be defeating the purpose of the meds. 

6. Tissues. I keep my own little set of tissue made by Kleenex. My tracers made only have paper towels which will just irritate my nose so I keep them on me. Mine are the ones that are flat and can fit in your pocket, they have beautiful designs also. 

7. Showers. Shower at night in order to minimizes getting even sicker. If it's already cold outside and your fresh out of the shower, your pores are still open from that nice steamy water. So if you can shower at night. 

8. Hand sanitizer. You don't want to pass on germs or let other ones into your already weakened immune system. So keep your hands nice and clean. 

     Those are all of my tips on staying well/geting well during the winter time. Have a wonderful night guys ! If you have nay tips I would love to hear about them in the comments! 

                    Till next time 

REVIEW: Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book!

Hello lovelies, Ana here! Today I just want to post a quick review for one of my current obsessions! Lately, I have been readin Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book! And I know that of any of you are anything like I am, Laguna Beach & The Hills were your obsessions growing up. I absolutely loved Lauren the best, because she always seemed so genuine & real despite her sorroundings! That being said let's jump right into the review!

The Beauty Book talks about diffrent makeup techniques used by celebrity makeup artists from around the globe; from foundation to eye shadow blending techniques, it's all in this book! Lauren even included all kinds of step-by-step hair tutorials, on styles from everyday curls to elegant up-do's. 
Now, while all if the above things are great what makes this book so amazing is the fact that Lauren also talks about inner beauty, as well! Instead of focussing soley on outer beauty, Lauren talks about eating right, working out, & being the best, healthy version of you possible! This books had tips on how to workout on a busy schedule & even pampering yourself every once in a while!
All in all, Lauren went above and beyond with this book... And I can't wait to read her other books as well!
If you guys have any suggestion on other great books like this, or have even read some of Lauren's other books, I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Gift Giving Guide!

Hey guys as you know CHRISTMAS is almost here !! I can't wait for it, I'm absolutely excited(: 
So what I have for you today is a little guide to help you find a gift if your stumped.

1. Starting off if you don't know what to get you mom, sister, aunt, grandma, or girlfriend nail polish will never fail to do its job in satisfaction! This little set comes with two mini bottles of Essie nail polish. one being the color and the other a top coat. It's perfect because they are all set, and ready to paint 
their nails!

2. Gift can seriously never go wrong here. A gift card for work for ANY ONE. Just secretly figure out their favorite store and load that baby up, all will be well. haha

3. Last but not least, food. I don't know about you, but nice soft cookies are great to receive during the Christmas/winter time, so when in doubt simply bring cookies that are cutely wrapped or decorated. Remember its the thought that counts

Well, I hoped this helped!
Have a great weekend guys