Wednesday, December 18, 2013

REVIEW: Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book!

Hello lovelies, Ana here! Today I just want to post a quick review for one of my current obsessions! Lately, I have been readin Lauren Conrad's Beauty Book! And I know that of any of you are anything like I am, Laguna Beach & The Hills were your obsessions growing up. I absolutely loved Lauren the best, because she always seemed so genuine & real despite her sorroundings! That being said let's jump right into the review!

The Beauty Book talks about diffrent makeup techniques used by celebrity makeup artists from around the globe; from foundation to eye shadow blending techniques, it's all in this book! Lauren even included all kinds of step-by-step hair tutorials, on styles from everyday curls to elegant up-do's. 
Now, while all if the above things are great what makes this book so amazing is the fact that Lauren also talks about inner beauty, as well! Instead of focussing soley on outer beauty, Lauren talks about eating right, working out, & being the best, healthy version of you possible! This books had tips on how to workout on a busy schedule & even pampering yourself every once in a while!
All in all, Lauren went above and beyond with this book... And I can't wait to read her other books as well!
If you guys have any suggestion on other great books like this, or have even read some of Lauren's other books, I'd love to hear about them in the comments!

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