Monday, December 30, 2013

What I Received for Christmas!

Hello loves, Ana here! 
Recently Kadasia & I decided to post what we each got for Christmas; not as a brag, but just for show & tell purposes & maybe we'll even inspire some of you to purchase these items for yourself!

Sedona Lace Makeup Brushes
These brushes are a must have for any makeup lover! Take it from me who personally preferred Mac brushes.... These new ones have completely transformed my perspective! I especially love the foundation brushes which work the foundation & concealer so well into my pores, it's hard to tell I'm wearing any at all! Needless to say I love all of the brushes, & I was most surprised by how much product these brushes can hold at once!

Naked 3 Palette
Words cannot explain how amazing this palette is! I love the origional Naked Palette, soo therefore I had high expectations for this one.... I wasn't disappointed!! This palette is beautiful, and all of the colors I could see myself wearing. This palette is excellant not only for everyday use but special occasions as well. All in all I wasn't disappointed, the rose old undertones took this palette above & beyond my expectations, & I think I've found my new favorite!

Bath & Body Works Set
Let's just say I'll be smelling like a fresh daisy for a while! As with anything from Bath & Body this set didn't disappoint! However, the products don't smell like perfume.... Instead they smell fresh, more like cleanliness, than a harsher stronger perfume smell (which is a nice change)!

Victoria's Secret Lotion Set
I can't get enough of this scent! Unlike the Bath & Body set mentioned above this set smells more like perfume... Which is a nice alternative to have! I think I can speak for most girls when I say, this lotion is absolutely amazing, for more reasons than one!
In the end, I am extremely thankful for everything I received.... Because in all honesty loved ones choose to give us presents because they love us! At the end of the day no one has to get each other anything, because that isn't what Christmas is about... It's truley about slowing down & spending time with loved ones, and ultimately being truley thankful from the bottom of our hearts for the ultimate gift, & for the things we already own!
Until Next Time!

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