Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bethany who ?

Hey guys, Kadasia here and  today I want to talk about a girl who is very inspirational and is super cool + fun ! 

Her name is: Bethany Mota. 

She is very popular on YouTube and is basically a girl who loves makeup, fashion and food. Which is probably almost every girl out there! And that is why Beth is so relatable to. She is very unique and refreshing (in a sense) to watch, she makes it feel like you've known her your whole life and she is your friend. Which I love, but I feel like we are already alike in personality haha. 

If you haven't checked her out you should most definitely do so. Just go to youtube, type her name (Bethany Mota) in the search bar and watch away!(: you won't regret it! I promise. 

By the way she is also doing a giveaway right now and is giving away some super cool things like she is so sweet and giving that I can't even handle it lol. 

    Any people you love on YouTube ?

If so let me know below, I would love to check them out !

             Goodnight guys !

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