Monday, December 30, 2013

What I got for Christmas!

Hey guys!
I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas! I know that I did!

So I just wanted to show you guys what I got (this is not in anyway to brag, I just want to show you guys what I was so thankful to receive and maybe even give you some ideas of things to get).
To start off I'll show you a overall picture for what I got!

Now I'll go into detail!

Galaxy Tab 3

So starting off, I was not expecting this at all...but I received a Galaxy Tab 3! Before this I had a Nook but now I don't need that anymore, since my Tab is like an upgrade. I really love it, it's fast, hold battery life and you can do anything on it (well almost haha)!

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set

I cannot say enough nice words about this nail polish set! I now am in love with Deborah Lippmann's nail colors...they are so beautiful, smooth, and fast drying. And when I say fast drying, I mean in about 30 seconds your coat of polish is dry. I will do a separate review on this set later!

Scarf from Target (limited edition)

I love this scarf! Its beautiful, it does a fading of blue lines and they get closer and closer together down the scarf. Its super comfy and I tied it at the end to create a infinity scarf also.

Soap and perfumes

Ahhhhh, I"ll be smelling very yummy for the remainder of the year and in the New Year! I got a soap from Whole Foods (I haven't used it yet but I"ll tell you how it is, it smells yummy), a candle and perfume in the scent Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica from Whole Foods (my favorite is Brazilian Mango Grapefruit) and lastly my boyfriend got me a set of three Juicy Couture perfumes which I just cant get enough of.

Sunglasses, socks, wallet, and 20 bucks.

Okay so lastly I got these sunglasses ( but I need to get mah contacts first haha), some socks from Justice (colorful & plain), and a wallet that you can also put your phone in!

So that's it !
I hope you guys saw some things you liked and even might want to ask for next year haha
I hope you all had a marvelous Christmas and got to have fun with your family.
What did you get for Christmas?

Have a wonderful evening guys!

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