Thursday, February 27, 2014

Anne Klein: The Perfect Tote

Hey guys!

Today I would like to tell you about my tote bag! It's called: The Perfect Tote and the name couldn't be more spot on. As you all know I've been on the hunt for a new tote bag (if you didn't know you can read all about it here (; ) and I've finally found it. 

This bag has three main compartments which are two open spaces with a zipper closed section in the middle. It also has a small zipper closed pocket on the inside, two more pockets for things like ur keys or phone, and on the back of the outside of the bag there is a pouch to put more goodies in haha. 

So to the part that most anticipate about is the pricing. Well I'm actually quite shocked and happy about this(: this bag was $40. Now before you say "*gasp* whoa!" I'll tell you how much it retails for, which is $80 so I got this bag for 50% off. But wait where was all of this amazing shopping done ? At MARSHALLS !(: 

I actually had so much fun shopping at Marshall's, they had everything! I also got two beautiful diaries/journals. I'll write about them later (;  

But I'm so happy that I was able to find the bag, since it was the next thing I was searching for. 

Have you guys found anything new lately for a great price? If so let me know! 

Have a great night !


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

¡Spotted!: Spring Polishes

Hello lovess!
Today I wanted to talk to you about one of the best parts of the spring season: cute nail polishes! Cute polishes can do so much for a cute outfit, or can even make your day alittle brighter. Painting my nails fun colors is honestly one of the best part of  a new season for me, andIi just thought you guys would want to hear some colors that not only have been noticining recently, but that I love as well!
Yellow nail polish is a must have for sspring! It can brighten up any outfit soo easily, and look goregeous for easter.

 White nail polish is such a statement color. I can make anything out since it has such a bold contrast against all skin colors.
Purple is a personal favorite... I really love it at the beggining of spring since it such a ptretty pastely color.

orange is a great color for all seasns in my opiniion! Its one of those polishes that looks great duing spring and summer, but even looks cute during fall as well.

 Mint green. Mint green is just gorgeous, it is one of those colors that is soo simple yet looks so nice and makes a great statement.
 This is one of my favorite polishes for the upcomming season! I goes so well wih most spring colors, and its just so bright that it makes anyone's nails look amazing.
Cobalt is also a great statement polish. Just like coloral it has this amazingly regal look, that will have everyone asking i you just came from the nail salon. Although, it can work for winter, I find it be a great choice for the spring and summer mnths as well.
All in all, these are some of the cuteres polishes I have been noticing lately! I hope I was able to inspire some of you as to some new colos to buy this season!
What are your favorite polishes for spring? Let me know in the comments below!
Until Next Time!
~ Ana

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mani Update

Alright so, I have a post where I showed you my Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips in "Empress-Me." You can find it here to see what they looked like when I first put then on.

Now, when I did these, I did not put on a full topcoat because I wanted to see the real results of them. BUT, I did put a topcoat on the tips of my nails just to seal in the sticker/strip. So with this info let's get into what they look like now (Sunday night rather lol)!

Okay so these were left on my nails for a full week-Sunday to Sunday. No topcoat or touch ups.
left hand

right hand

I have to say that for amount of time I left these on and for the amount of activity my hands get, these are worth the 'investment'. I'm a very busy girl and I'm always doing something, therefore I would need a topcoat on at least every other day to keep my mani (which I don't do....because I'm busy (; ). Even though they chipped, it wasn't until about 4 days in. But these were so fun and if I have a little extra money, I will buy them just for fun. 

What nail products are you into?
Tell me below, I LOVE to check out new things related to nail polish!

Have a great afternoon guys (:

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Water Refreshers

Hello lovess!
Today I wanted to share a latest favorite with u guys: water refreshers! Sound like the drinks from Starbucks right!??
Well truth is you can make a fresher without ever leaving your house!
Just gather some water & place a few pieces if fruit in it! The longer you leave your drink in the freezer, the stronger the taste!
This is a great idea now that spring and summer are right around the corner!
Until Next Time!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

¡Spotted!: Floral Print

Hello lovess!
Today I wanted to rave about my latest obsession: floral print clothing!! You see, lately I have started my shopping for spring and summer.... And most of the things I've purchases are floral print (go figure!)! 

The reason I love this print so much is because it can be dressed up or down... And could even suit every personal style! 
Personally, I love to ear my floral print with high waisted shorts, light wash jeans, or even a solid colored maxi skirt! When paired with the above bottoms florals can add a tad or fir lines to a laid back look! 
All in all, florals are something I have been noticing a lot for this upcomming season, & can be found in almost all stores! They can effortlessly make an outfit cuter, & can brighten up anyone's day!
What are some of your must haves this upcomming season? Let me know in the comments below!
Until Next Time!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Twist on nail polish + watch out for Looks For Less!

Hey gals (& guys if your reading as well(; ) Happy Presidents Day!

So I wanted to tell you guys about Sally Hansen's Salon Effects. Yes, I know I'm a bit late on doing a review due to these coming out probably almost a year ago. But to be completely honest they were just too expensive until now; when I found them in the back of one of the lower clearance racks at Walgreens (mouthful lol). So I just had to get a box being that they were only $2. 

Yes I said it, two dollars!! So naturally I started to look even deeper for more and I found the perfect set! These are in "Empress-Me". Well can I say they impressed me(; I absolutely loveeeeee these little things!

The process was fairly simple and easy as well. I will most definitely be picking up the last few on clearance at my Walgreens! 

What do you guys think?
What are your nail inspirations lately?
Let me know below !!!
Also I will be doing a new and ongoing series called "Looks For Less" where I will be blogging about dupes. steal the style, and "look at what I found types" of things. I've been having fun with planning it so far. So be on the lookout for it!
Also don't forget to follow us on Instagram where you can see what we're up too!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hey hey hey!

Hey guys I hope you all had an amazing Valentines Day!!

Be safe, have fun and I'll be back tomorrow with a post ! 

-xoxoxoxoxoxoxo (incase you didn't get enough today), Kadasia

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Spread the Love<33

Hello loves! 
Soo today I just wanted to share something with all of you! 
As we all know Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and as the day drags, all  most of us can do is wait to see what that special someone got for us! However, Valentine's Day is a day to spread love, not just to one special person in our lives, but to all of the special people in our lives!
Therefore I have a challenge for you guys! Throughout the course of tomorrow try to do a kind thing for someone! This someone could your mom or your dad... Or even a total stranger! The point is to just spread some love onto the world, and let kindness and good wishes shine from within one another!
Soo I just es want to ask you all to keep this in mind tomorrow & everyday! Just one tiny good deed can make another brighten someone else's day!
Until Next Time!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Busy? Try this!

Hello there and happy HUMP DAY! *camel walks by* 

So today I just wanted to briefly talk about something I've been having a problem with. Ready? Dunnnn Duh Dunnn.....  


Yeah no...
Sometimes I like studying and sometimes I don't. Especially after a long hard day  and my mind is just racing and/or tired. 

So tonight I had to read a chapter in my United States History book in order to prepare for an essay tomorrow....(cough cough I think I'm getting sick maybe lol) and I really did not want to read it! But I told myself I was going to (step one) because I need to pass. I needed some quietness or relaxation (step two) so I went to my phone and played my classical music. 

It might sound weird at first but just try it! Listening to classical music is actually a great way to get into the zone and get into a deeper state of focusing (at least for me). So guess what?

    I finished reading it (: *happy dance*

I hope this helps some one who has a hard time studying and or focusing. 
The album I listen to is: 50 MostRelaxing  Classical Music Peices. It's awesome and relaxing haha. 

Well I hope this helps some of you who may struggle with studying or focusing. 

How do you guys deal with this problem? I would love to have some other options  


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

¡Spotted!: Maxi Skirts

Hello lovess!
Today I wanted to discuss The Maxi Skirt!
Soo I recently started my sprin & summer shopping & I saw maxi skirts, everywhere! I know they were around last summer but I feel like they're just going to be even more on point this year!
Below are a few that I personally loved when I went to the mall this weekend:
I guess it's safe to say: I absolutely adore maxi skirt, although I wouldn't necessarily accessorize like in these pictures! I find it so easy to throw on a crop top with a maxi skirt in the morning and have a completed look.... Or even transform the outfit from day to night!
All in all, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on a cute trend for this spring and summer! Stay tuned this weekend, since I shall be posting a day to night transformation soon!
Until Next Time!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Something New.

                    Hey there!

So remember how I told you guys I had been wanting a new watch? Well I found one! To me it's like a mix of rose gold and bronze but it's lovely and chic! Now all I have to do is get a few bracelets and start stacking!

Also while I was at Target they had a sale, buy one get one 50% off so I couldn't resist wandering to the jewelry section to get a statement necklace!!! 

I found this beauty and it was $16 (um whoa...but so gorgeous ): ) and it was my 50% off item so it was bought down to $8 and some change (score one for Kadasia on her first real bargain shopping experience!). I can't wait to add this necklace to an outfit!

The next thing I'm on the hunt for is a really nice versatile/casual bag. Not too big, but not too small and okay for either school or outings. Any suggestions? If so please do share (;

  Have you gotten anything new recently?     
  If so I would love to see that also!
   Till next time

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

¡Spotted!: Flarred Jeans

Hello lovess, Ana here!
Soo lately, I have noticed that Flarred jeans are finally making a comeback! I don't know about you guys, but personally I'm very excited about this!

Flarred jeans, like the ones above can add a touch of girlyness to any outfit... Or if your like me, you can always pair them with a zip-up jacket and flip flops for a more laid back look!
This pant style is also perfect for sporty girls, since they just accentuate curves and make your body look amazing!
Overall, flarred jeans are just some of the things I've been noticing a lot over the past couple of weeks. Even if they're not your style, who knows maybe you'll gain a new appreciation for this style?
Until Next Time!

Over the Knuckle.

So im sure you guys have seen over the knuckle rings. I think they are adorable and give a twist to regule fashion ring (which don't get me wrong, will always be in style).

From boutiquedeamor

I'm thinking of  getting couple of these!
What do you think of these?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Watches, help me decide!

Hey there guys, its Kadasia and today I want your help on deciding watches!

I've been wanting a watch for a while now and now that I have a little cash, I want to finally buy one.

So I'm looking for something that's totally stack-able with arm candy (which I also want (; ), big, but not too flashy. So far I've been looking at things like so:


This watch is from a page on tumbler which I can't log into without and account and I dont have one. 
Picture is not mine.

Anthropologie Welkin Wrap Watch - Lyst 
I love!

Olivia Burton | Olivia Burton Big Dial Navy Watch at ASOS 

I love these and so much more! You cant check out my Pinterest for more of these watches I'm thinking about getting.

I just really love the simplicity and chicness of these watches and they would tie an outfit together perfectly (:

Let me know what style you like and if you find more in the comments below!