Monday, February 24, 2014

Mani Update

Alright so, I have a post where I showed you my Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips in "Empress-Me." You can find it here to see what they looked like when I first put then on.

Now, when I did these, I did not put on a full topcoat because I wanted to see the real results of them. BUT, I did put a topcoat on the tips of my nails just to seal in the sticker/strip. So with this info let's get into what they look like now (Sunday night rather lol)!

Okay so these were left on my nails for a full week-Sunday to Sunday. No topcoat or touch ups.
left hand

right hand

I have to say that for amount of time I left these on and for the amount of activity my hands get, these are worth the 'investment'. I'm a very busy girl and I'm always doing something, therefore I would need a topcoat on at least every other day to keep my mani (which I don't do....because I'm busy (; ). Even though they chipped, it wasn't until about 4 days in. But these were so fun and if I have a little extra money, I will buy them just for fun. 

What nail products are you into?
Tell me below, I LOVE to check out new things related to nail polish!

Have a great afternoon guys (:

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