Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Busy? Try this!

Hello there and happy HUMP DAY! *camel walks by* 

So today I just wanted to briefly talk about something I've been having a problem with. Ready? Dunnnn Duh Dunnn.....  


Yeah no...
Sometimes I like studying and sometimes I don't. Especially after a long hard day  and my mind is just racing and/or tired. 

So tonight I had to read a chapter in my United States History book in order to prepare for an essay tomorrow....(cough cough I think I'm getting sick maybe lol) and I really did not want to read it! But I told myself I was going to (step one) because I need to pass. I needed some quietness or relaxation (step two) so I went to my phone and played my classical music. 

It might sound weird at first but just try it! Listening to classical music is actually a great way to get into the zone and get into a deeper state of focusing (at least for me). So guess what?

    I finished reading it (: *happy dance*

I hope this helps some one who has a hard time studying and or focusing. 
The album I listen to is: 50 MostRelaxing  Classical Music Peices. It's awesome and relaxing haha. 

Well I hope this helps some of you who may struggle with studying or focusing. 

How do you guys deal with this problem? I would love to have some other options  


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