Saturday, February 1, 2014

Watches, help me decide!

Hey there guys, its Kadasia and today I want your help on deciding watches!

I've been wanting a watch for a while now and now that I have a little cash, I want to finally buy one.

So I'm looking for something that's totally stack-able with arm candy (which I also want (; ), big, but not too flashy. So far I've been looking at things like so:


This watch is from a page on tumbler which I can't log into without and account and I dont have one. 
Picture is not mine.

Anthropologie Welkin Wrap Watch - Lyst 
I love!

Olivia Burton | Olivia Burton Big Dial Navy Watch at ASOS 

I love these and so much more! You cant check out my Pinterest for more of these watches I'm thinking about getting.

I just really love the simplicity and chicness of these watches and they would tie an outfit together perfectly (:

Let me know what style you like and if you find more in the comments below!

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