Saturday, March 29, 2014

{OOTD} Rainy Day Outfit

Hey Hey There!

Today I just wanted to share a OOTD, its a simple outfit that i wore during one of the rainy days we had here in Florida.

So all I have here is my top from Forever 21 paired with cuffed jeans, my black and white converse and my 'Perfect Tote' by Anne Klien (and of course my umbrella by Nautica).

It was a comfortable outfit because it was humid, so I wouldn't get that sticky feeling by wearing a lot of layers!

What's it like where you are? Are you still preparing for rainy days? If so share with me what you wear below!

Until next time

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review|||Revlon Balm Stain

Hey guys so today I want to do a review on Revlon Balm Stains!

 Mine is from the Just Bitten Collection and is in the color: Smitten.
If there is one thing that I can say about this thing is WOW! I absolutely loveeeeee it!

Now onto the things everyone watns to know!

LOOK: When picking out one of these, I made sure to get a much as I wanted Audacious,(a gorgeous bright orange with pink undertone) I knew I had to stick with a color that would complement my skin tone or else it would've been disaster and waste of money. I am girl of color so therefore going with darker pinks, berry's, and reds are best and will complement my skin tone better. Smittenn is a very beautiful berry color and I'm happy to have made the right choice, I will have a picture that show you what it looks like below. (and let me tell ya..they didn't put balm STAIN on this package for nothing; these baby's stain. But I don't mind because a matte light pink is left behind or I cant put on my EOSe balm and some of the shine is rekindled)

TEXTURE: Just like a balm. (: Putting on this color was just like putting on an EOS balm. Very smooth and easy to apply. But I do recommend wearing a clear lip calm under to give your lips extra moisture.

PRICE: For the quality and the amount I get/have to use, I am very satisfied and would gladly repurchase this product again! They were only $8.79 and right now my CVS has a buy on get one 50% off so I will be returning soon haha

SMELL: These do smell like menthol. I personally don't care but I know that this does bother some people so, beware mint haters!

SHINE: Alrighty, so these do have a slight luster, not anything to flashy like a lip-gloss but its there. There are 3 different types of tubes when you go to buy these: a totally matte tube, one with a metallic bottom like mine, or one totally engulfed in metallic wrapping. I see that mine has a slight shine so I'm sure the one totally wrapped in metallic is super shiny!

 This was about 40 minutes after application.

Displaying photo.JPG 
About 4 hours or so after. Here is what I mean by the matte light pink color that's leftover

I hope this helped you all decide if you want to get these and or if you just wanted some more info.

 Now I know that Ana has done a review on a couple of these balms before but lip products vary depending on who they are put on. (You can read hers here). Ana has a more fair complexion and I have a more darker complexion therefore now you guys can see how they look on both of us and maybe it will help you decide on the right color for you!

If you guys have any lip products you love, tell me below I would love to try them out...I love a bold lip (;

Until next time,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Whats been happening + Looks For Less

Good Afternoon beauties! Kadasia here.

I hope you are as well rested as I am haha, Spring Break has started for me and I feel great!

But what I really wanted to talk about these past couple weeks and where I have been.

As you know, I'm in school. Now I love blogging very much and its so fun to share things through these posts with you all! But sometimes I get wrapped up in schoolwork and I can not have the joy of doing so but I do plan to have lots of time this week to chat and blog!

So, with that I would like to apologize for my absence! It was nothing personal I've just been super busy between essays and quizzes and tests and trying to sleep when I can. But I am back(:

Now onto the fun stuff!

From reading previous post, you guys have seen my little hints of, Looks For Less, I'm very excited to jump into this topic and help you guys look fashionable and still have some money left over!

So the first item that I purchased for this series is the watch from Target. Its made by Merona; a rose gold/bronzy watch with three "decorative clocks" in the middle ( they do not actually tell time but its made to mock a chromatographic watch). I reallllllly love this watch, I wear it almost every day! Its really easy to match it with an outfit and sometimes I just throw it on to add a little color.

I wanted to mock these Michael Kors watches 
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch Review 
Soooo, I hope that you guys enjoyed this and I can't wait to find more bargains! If you have any ideas of something to find for less. let me know in the comments below and also if you have anything you've found!

Until next time(;

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Hello lovess!
I just wanted to post a quick update on whats been going on with Creatively Chic & my life!
Lately, I have been super busy, and that's why I've been so absent this past week. As a junior in high school I'm constantly stressing over schoolwork, & applying for summer jobs, & even summer programs in colleges; however, I'm also a college freshman.... & I've been studing all week long for my midterms! On top of all of this, I am also moving houses... Which on it's own is a stressful expirience enough!
Soo I just wanted to let you guys know whats been going on with me, I know I speak for Kadasia as well when I say we are super busy lately.... & it's been getting in the way of our blog!
Until Next Time!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

REVIEW: Aussie Three Minute Miracle

Hello lovess!
Today I really wanted to share one of my new favorite products with you guys.
As of recently, I have been using the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, as my everday conditioner.
I have been using this product every other day for about a month now, and let me just say that I lovveee it! I wanted to wait a while to post this, just because i wanted to witness the complete results; howver, it has been an entire month, and i have noticed many improvements in the condition of my hair!
Firstly, my hair feels a lot stronger currently, than it has in a long time. Altough, this is influenced by the fact that I have been using minimal heat recently, I believe that Three Minute Miracle has helped plent. Another great improvement? Well, my hair feels a ton softer lately; and while most moisturizing cconditioners tend to weigh down the hair (mine especially) this one does quit the opposite. My hair actually looks as if it has way more body and volume to it, even through the second or even third day after washing it!
All in all, I am really enjoying this great product, and for only costing $5.99 at Walmart, its a steal! For now, it will remain my holy grail conditioner.
Do you have any products you love? If so let me know in the comments.
Until next Time!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Essie Spring Collection

Hello there!

So today I want talk about Essie's Spring Collection!

I've only seen these photos from online but that was enough (I'm hooked!). I can't wait to see them in the store so I can see if the polishes are true to color. But here they are are!(:

First I want to show 
Fashion Playground (My favorite, this just such a beautiful mint/blue) 
Romper Room

spin the bottle - neutrals By Essie 
Spin the Bottle

style hunter - pinks By Essie 
Style Hunter (another fav. I'm a sucker for bright corals/pinks)

truth or flare - blues By Essie 
Truth or Flare

hide & go chic - blues By Essie 
lastly.....Hide and Go Chic

So that is the entire Spring Collection and I have to say, it's pretty darn cute! I will be picking up at least one of these to try out something new this spring.

Which one is your favorite? Tell me below! xoxo