Thursday, January 30, 2014


Hey guys, sorry for being so MIA this week!

Just SO MUCH has been going on in my life lately and I couldn't get to the computer to post!

So today I wanted to do a post about relaxing...since I haven't had much time to at all for myself (excluding the few minutes I get for eating and such) I know the perfect way I would want to relax and I want to share them with you !

First: stop thinking. Yes it can be hard but it's almost like sleeping haha just imagine your happy place or simply lie down and "chill." You deserve it.

Second: Get your favorite app, movie, book, hobby, sport and go crazy. But remember we are trying to relax so, athletes if you can sit down for a few moments and seriously relax (; Don't do anything that will frustrate you!

Third: Do whatever pleases you for about an hour to and hour and a half. This gives you a chance to re-cooperate and ready to tackle the rest of your day, night, or simply have a more peace part of the day.

Yes this is simple but it can help so so much! I hope this helps you guys out there who are stressed out and want to take a little break, but don't know how.

Till next time!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

¡Spotted!: Colored Jeans

Hello loves, Ana here!
Soo today is finally the first day of my new series "Spotted" where I will be sharing new trends that I've been seeing with you guys!
For today's post I really wanted to focus on colored jeans, not only because they're starting I become really popular, but also because I've been really into them myself!

Soo I am in love with all of these pants! I think that they are so versatile for this time of year... And can be easily transitioned from season to season!
I have recently discovered how usefull pants like this can be! If I am ever in a rush to get ready, I simply pair any of the above pants with a simple t-shirt & a scarf (usually with a pair of comat boots!) and I'm good to go!
I personally own the cobalt pair... And although they are leggings, they are thick enough to wear on those cold winter days, and to conceal and skin that might aging through! 
Lastly, I do want to mention that the pants specifically pictured above, are on the pricier side; however, I thought it'd be a much better idea to invest in a good pair, that will last for seasons to come, rather than rip on the second wash! 
Soo overall.... This has been my favorite trend this season! I find that all of these items are soo versatile, they allow me to put an outfit together in minutes!
Leave you're favorite trends this season in the comments below, as I'd love to read them all!
Until Next Time!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New year, new clothes?


Okay, so today's New Year post is going to be about new trends that I've seeing that maybe you would like to check out or even already have yourself.

Overall Dresses (blast from the past! Saw DJ wearing these on Full House the other day)
Now these have recently been very hot with everyone and I've seen them on girls at school and even on YouTube! But I have to say that they are pretty darn cute. It takes the tom-boyness of overalls and makes it feminine by having a skirt instead of pants. Personally I think overalls are cute but this is a different perspective on things.

Circle Skirts
Can  I say "POPULAR!"
These bad boys have been going like hotcakes, they are simply an A-line skirt but are so versatile. You can dress them up or down. Imagine this: a circle skirt of choice with a very dainty, flowy shirt, cardigan and sandals. Sounds like the perfect Spring outfit right? But now imagine a circle skirt of choice with a tee-shirt and converse....definition of super-comfy?
Slouchy Sweater
Most of American teenagers live in these; they make you feel cozy and comfortable. They go well with jeans and casual shoes to me but they are worn many different ways! They just give a warm look to any outfit.
Anthropologie Sweater

Moccasins/Sperry's (blast from the past)
I say that these shoes are the most famous for history repeating itself. If you would've came to anyone about 6 years ago wearing these, you would've gotten funny looks. But now they are worn buy men AND women and are actually nice shoes. I've on the hunt for some lately but can't find any....any ideas?

 How cute are these?!

Statement jewelry
Omg...I can't talk enough about statement jewelry, especially the necklaces, so I'll keep this short and sweet statement jewelry I feel has recently became a must have for an outfit and also minimizes the amount of jewelry worn by a woman and essentially enhancing her beauty. (At least that how I  feel). Now, statement bracelets don't necessarily consist of one thing. Stacking is my definition of statement jewelry and it is the most beautiful thing evaaaaa to me lol. I really enjoying seeing the different colors or metals mix together!

Caroline from Citrus and Style stacking bracelets
My Polyvore

So these are the different trends I see starting and even some that are examples of "history repeating itself."

Have you seen any trends you love? If so tell me because I would love to see them!

Friday, January 24, 2014

REVIEW: Conair Infiniti Pro Curler

Hello beauties, Ana here!
Today I wanted to provide you guys with a review for my favorite curling iron of all time! 
As we all know, finding a good curling iron is a complicated task; know a days they have come out with all diffrent types of iron, which all claim to do many wonderful things! However, out of all the curlers I've tried in my days, one stands out the most!:
The iron above is the Conair Infinity Curl! This curling iron is simply fantastic! The curls come out perfectly, and last for about 3 days! Now I know everyone has a diffrent hair type, but this iron is personally my favorite!
The curler cost me about $17 at Target & I couldn't be more surprised by it's quality! I've used many "brand name" irons in the past.... However, none as good as this one!
Overall, I would definitely recomed this product to anyone looking for a good curling iron! It gets the job done, heats up in a matter of seconds, and doesn't torch my hair (all for under $20)!
Until Next Time!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Make a statement.

Hey guys sorry that I can't post my New year series today it will be up tomorrow !

But today I would like to take about statement jewelry & what better way than to use statement necklaces!?
I found this one while on Polyvore and it's from Forever 21 (score!). 

Isn't it gorgeous?! I would wear it layered with a sweater/denim (or plaid shirt) combo. 

                 What do you think?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It's my birthday !

Hello everyone! Kadasia here(:

Today I just wanted to share with you that it's my birthday !! I'm so happy and grateful for being blessed with another year to be on planet earth. (;

So my grandmother sent me these pictures and they were cute so I wanted to share them with you haha. 

         My fav...I love that little girl (:

Well I hope you guys all have a great 'hump day!' 

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Upcoming Changes!

Hello loves, Ana here!
Today's post is a little unusual... As I will clue you guys in on upcomming events concerning Creatively Chic! 
To begin, as of next week I will be launching  my new series, in which I will be writing about new trends that I notice in my everyday life! Also, Kadasia will be continuing her New Years Series, atleast for the time being or until further notice!
Another nice change, we shall be adding to the blog soon are affiliate links... Which basically just allow all of you to visit our favorite stores.... Many of which carry the products we often rave about!
All in all, we just wanted to keep all of you guys updated on upcomming changes, and ask that all of you be patient!

POLL: How do you feel about Creatively Chic's new layout?? Leave you answer in the comments below, as we love hearing your feedback!
Until Next Time!

Friday, January 17, 2014

REVIEW: Revlon JustBitten Balm Stains

Hello my beauties, Ana here! 
... Before we get started with the review I just wanted to apologize for my absense this week! I know that Kadasia already posted about this.... But I still wanted to explain myself! This week has just been cray cray with my high school midterms, and my college classes starting next week, I have had A LOT on my plate! 
And now that thats over with, today I want to rant over my latest obsession...(*drum roll*) the Revlon JustBitten Lipstains!

These Lipstains are absolutely amazing! They have colors for every occasion & have options for every season! 
I've been using them for awhile now, but it wasn't until recently that I developed an obsession!
My favorite shades for this time of year is of course none other than Rendevous & Precious! Whats the diffrence of these two shades? Well they're completely diffrent Rendevous is a darker more sinister color, which I prefer for this time of year in order to compliment my darker outfits; however, Precious is more of a nude more casual color, that just adds a tint of healthy pink to your lips...soo no matter what style you like you will always have the perfect shade!
The only bad thing I could think of regarding these Lipstains, is the fact that they could dry out your lips on cold, windy days... However, I discovered that a THIN coat of Chapstick before application will prevent this, without affecting the long lasting effect of the Lipstains!
All in all, I absolutely love these Lipstains! They have a perfect shade for every single season and every possible occasion.... While always lasting around six hours! And the best part? They don't smudge or rub off... Soo your perfect look will last well into a night out!
Whats you current obsession?...leave them in the comments below!
Until Next Time!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

This seasons nail colors and maybe your favorites too!

Colors from left to right: Maybelline Express Finish in Passing by Pink | Deborah Lippmann in It's Raining Men | Deborah Lippmann in Stormy Weather | Deborah Lippmann in Single Ladies | Deborah Lippmann in Groove is in the Heart

Even though it's the middle of January, (so I can't give my list of colors that go perfect with Spring) there are still colors that are catching my eye and I'm seeing frequently at the beginning of this New Year!

Just a little side note; I feel that classic manicures are coming back into style. For example red, nude, and I even except black in this category because it looks stunning with "sqoval" shaped nails. Also mani's with plain nails, I say they are a perfect statement accessory when matched with an outfit. What do you think?

Now back to the colors! Lately I've been seeing, reds, maroons, grays, black, and even baby pinks. I've actually been wearing of couple of these colors myself haha. 

  • So as we all know, red will be and forever is the ultimate go to color during the Holiday season and even though Christmas is gone doesn't mean we won't see this baby for a but while longer. 

  • Maroons for me is that perfect color in order to get the classic feel of a red but the darkness of a black. I love it. Enough said.....jkjk. I do love it but I want to elaborate lol. Maroon is the perfect color to wear around this time because it's not red but is still as beautiful as it. It's a lovely shade and looks great on all skin tones. (:

  • Grays and black are something that are also still in style. During the winter months everyone switches over to the more darker color palette and these are the colors I see worn by girls that are on the dark side. I used to never be a fan over black nail polish until I tried it and I actually liked it! It's almost like a statement, it will tie together any outfit.

  • Baby Pink is something that I've seem worn for those who don't want to get into the dark colors and just want to keep the winter time pastel. I love wearing pastels, they just give an airy and warm appearance. Also who can resist a baby pink? Its so cute and can be so versatile for different nail art designs.
What are your go-to colors for the New Year/ this time of the year?
Tell me below!
 Have a great afternoon!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We're still here!

First I wanna apologize for not being able to talk to you for a whole TWO DAYS! 

             That's some crazy stuff

Well tw reason why is because school has been keeping me busy & Ana as well, so this week has been stressful so far, ugh. BUT, I will be back tomorrow with the second post of the New Years series! So watch out for it.

Sadly I already have to run but see ya tomorrow ! 
              Have a great night <3


Friday, January 10, 2014


Hello Beauties, Ana here!
Today I wanted to recommend a YouTube video to you guys!... Well more accurately a beauty & life guru!

Her name is Kandee Johnson, and she's an all around amazing human being!
Basically, Kandee is just like any other guru, except she also posts many inspiration videos that are amazing!
Soo basically, I just want to recommend that all of you check out her channel & see what it's all about! 
Do you have any YouTube recommendations!? If you do, be sure to comment them below!
Until Next Time!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New year, starting fresh, time to get organized!

It's a new year which means you have another opportunity to start fresh on a clean slate!

If you're a student like I am, this is the time to make sure this semester you get everything right. You had a chance to fully experience all of your classes, what study methods work, and learn your teachers. (not that it takes everyone half of the school year for a wake up call, but hey better late than never)

So today I have some tips on staying focused on school.

1. When you come home do not trick yourself into watching a little bit of TV to unwind and then do your homework. I'm a victim of this, ahem.....Pretty Little Liars and I have to say that this isn't a great idea due to the fact that sometimes after watching my show I either want to (1) watch more or (2) discover that I'm tired. So just proactive and when you get home eat a snack and do all of your homework. Then, you will have time to do whatever your heart desires!

2. Clean out your binder and folders. I find this very important because you most definitely do not want to be confused of where your work is or simply not being able to find it! Clean everything out and put old work in a safe place where you can always reference back to it if you need to later on in the year. (especially if you take AP classes and/or know you have a problem in a certain subject, do not throw away everything!)

3.Study. *sigh* I know, I're wondering why I am bringing up this horrible thing we should do. Welllllll because I want to tell you that its not that bad. I happen to take three AP classes and two classes that count as college credits (they aren't apart of college board) and they are a lot of work. 

Recently I've seen the effect of studying and surprisingly it works, I say surprisingly because I've never been the one to actually "study." But I didn't do it alone, I found this app called, Study Blue, you can find it here. Study Blue is a website (and also an app) where you make digital flashcards and then study them three different ways: flashcard, quiz, and review sheet. Even after that you can still after the ways the questions and or information is given. I have to say I love Study Blue!

4. Strive for the best and work your hardest. This is something that I cant exactly help you with. At the end of the day, you are your own motivator. YOU have to want that "A" or to succeed at remembering that math formula. But I know its inside of you!

You Got This (:

5. This is a NEW YEAR. Forget about all the wrong you did and start over. Do everything you went "Ugh, I can't believe I messed up again!" or "Why didn't I start this earlier?" Help yourself out girl! (or man! haha)

I hope this helps you get back on track!
Do you have any tips on how to make this year better academically wise?
If so I would love to hear them below and on that note I'm going to go start my homework myself!(:


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gorgeous Heatless Curls

Hello beauties, Ana here! 
Soo, remember my heatless curls!? Yea...  well they didn't work out! I ended up trying the method two more times after Saturday... And still nothing!The end result was a rather scary, frizzy rat'a nest!  
In the end, I guess from now on my hair will just have to deal with my heat tools! I came to the conclusion that the method just does not work for me,personally; however, I believe it would work miracles on a person with thick, long hair!
If you would like to try the method & comment your results below, I would really like to read them!
The ling to the video is:
Until Next Time!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hate Monday?

So its Monday....but not just any Monday. 

Today is the day school starts again.

BUTTTTT, we aren't going to let that rain on our parade haha so today I have a inspirational picture to help you have a better Monday. 

I found this picture on Pinterest and it describes the way on how to have a great day!

Just simply start each say with a grateful heart and be happy that you can wake up this morning! Even if it is a Monday, just be grateful

Do you have anything that helps you have a better Monday? If so let me know below! Have a great day guys!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Gorgeous Heatless Curls

Hello loves, Ana here!
Today I wanted to do a quick intro for a hair post... 
Like most girls I am always trying to find heatless ways to style my hair, and recently I've been improving a method that I found on YouTube! 
I have been loveling this hair style, although it still has some kinks I've been working out. I hope that tonight it finally comes out the way I want (gorgeous & natural looking!) ... Regardless stay tuned for tomorrow since I will be posting a follow up letting you all know if my new & improved method did or did not work!
I would love to know of any heatless hairstyles any of you have been successfull with, so don't hesitate to comment them below!
Until Next Time!