Saturday, January 25, 2014

New year, new clothes?


Okay, so today's New Year post is going to be about new trends that I've seeing that maybe you would like to check out or even already have yourself.

Overall Dresses (blast from the past! Saw DJ wearing these on Full House the other day)
Now these have recently been very hot with everyone and I've seen them on girls at school and even on YouTube! But I have to say that they are pretty darn cute. It takes the tom-boyness of overalls and makes it feminine by having a skirt instead of pants. Personally I think overalls are cute but this is a different perspective on things.

Circle Skirts
Can  I say "POPULAR!"
These bad boys have been going like hotcakes, they are simply an A-line skirt but are so versatile. You can dress them up or down. Imagine this: a circle skirt of choice with a very dainty, flowy shirt, cardigan and sandals. Sounds like the perfect Spring outfit right? But now imagine a circle skirt of choice with a tee-shirt and converse....definition of super-comfy?
Slouchy Sweater
Most of American teenagers live in these; they make you feel cozy and comfortable. They go well with jeans and casual shoes to me but they are worn many different ways! They just give a warm look to any outfit.
Anthropologie Sweater

Moccasins/Sperry's (blast from the past)
I say that these shoes are the most famous for history repeating itself. If you would've came to anyone about 6 years ago wearing these, you would've gotten funny looks. But now they are worn buy men AND women and are actually nice shoes. I've on the hunt for some lately but can't find any....any ideas?

 How cute are these?!

Statement jewelry
Omg...I can't talk enough about statement jewelry, especially the necklaces, so I'll keep this short and sweet statement jewelry I feel has recently became a must have for an outfit and also minimizes the amount of jewelry worn by a woman and essentially enhancing her beauty. (At least that how I  feel). Now, statement bracelets don't necessarily consist of one thing. Stacking is my definition of statement jewelry and it is the most beautiful thing evaaaaa to me lol. I really enjoying seeing the different colors or metals mix together!

Caroline from Citrus and Style stacking bracelets
My Polyvore

So these are the different trends I see starting and even some that are examples of "history repeating itself."

Have you seen any trends you love? If so tell me because I would love to see them!


  1. Nice post!


    1. Thank you!
      Also it's a continuing series, so there are more before this one if you're interested (;