Friday, January 17, 2014

REVIEW: Revlon JustBitten Balm Stains

Hello my beauties, Ana here! 
... Before we get started with the review I just wanted to apologize for my absense this week! I know that Kadasia already posted about this.... But I still wanted to explain myself! This week has just been cray cray with my high school midterms, and my college classes starting next week, I have had A LOT on my plate! 
And now that thats over with, today I want to rant over my latest obsession...(*drum roll*) the Revlon JustBitten Lipstains!

These Lipstains are absolutely amazing! They have colors for every occasion & have options for every season! 
I've been using them for awhile now, but it wasn't until recently that I developed an obsession!
My favorite shades for this time of year is of course none other than Rendevous & Precious! Whats the diffrence of these two shades? Well they're completely diffrent Rendevous is a darker more sinister color, which I prefer for this time of year in order to compliment my darker outfits; however, Precious is more of a nude more casual color, that just adds a tint of healthy pink to your lips...soo no matter what style you like you will always have the perfect shade!
The only bad thing I could think of regarding these Lipstains, is the fact that they could dry out your lips on cold, windy days... However, I discovered that a THIN coat of Chapstick before application will prevent this, without affecting the long lasting effect of the Lipstains!
All in all, I absolutely love these Lipstains! They have a perfect shade for every single season and every possible occasion.... While always lasting around six hours! And the best part? They don't smudge or rub off... Soo your perfect look will last well into a night out!
Whats you current obsession?...leave them in the comments below!
Until Next Time!

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