Tuesday, January 28, 2014

¡Spotted!: Colored Jeans

Hello loves, Ana here!
Soo today is finally the first day of my new series "Spotted" where I will be sharing new trends that I've been seeing with you guys!
For today's post I really wanted to focus on colored jeans, not only because they're starting I become really popular, but also because I've been really into them myself!

Soo I am in love with all of these pants! I think that they are so versatile for this time of year... And can be easily transitioned from season to season!
I have recently discovered how usefull pants like this can be! If I am ever in a rush to get ready, I simply pair any of the above pants with a simple t-shirt & a scarf (usually with a pair of comat boots!) and I'm good to go!
I personally own the cobalt pair... And although they are leggings, they are thick enough to wear on those cold winter days, and to conceal and skin that might aging through! 
Lastly, I do want to mention that the pants specifically pictured above, are on the pricier side; however, I thought it'd be a much better idea to invest in a good pair, that will last for seasons to come, rather than rip on the second wash! 
Soo overall.... This has been my favorite trend this season! I find that all of these items are soo versatile, they allow me to put an outfit together in minutes!
Leave you're favorite trends this season in the comments below, as I'd love to read them all!
Until Next Time!

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