Thursday, January 16, 2014

This seasons nail colors and maybe your favorites too!

Colors from left to right: Maybelline Express Finish in Passing by Pink | Deborah Lippmann in It's Raining Men | Deborah Lippmann in Stormy Weather | Deborah Lippmann in Single Ladies | Deborah Lippmann in Groove is in the Heart

Even though it's the middle of January, (so I can't give my list of colors that go perfect with Spring) there are still colors that are catching my eye and I'm seeing frequently at the beginning of this New Year!

Just a little side note; I feel that classic manicures are coming back into style. For example red, nude, and I even except black in this category because it looks stunning with "sqoval" shaped nails. Also mani's with plain nails, I say they are a perfect statement accessory when matched with an outfit. What do you think?

Now back to the colors! Lately I've been seeing, reds, maroons, grays, black, and even baby pinks. I've actually been wearing of couple of these colors myself haha. 

  • So as we all know, red will be and forever is the ultimate go to color during the Holiday season and even though Christmas is gone doesn't mean we won't see this baby for a but while longer. 

  • Maroons for me is that perfect color in order to get the classic feel of a red but the darkness of a black. I love it. Enough said.....jkjk. I do love it but I want to elaborate lol. Maroon is the perfect color to wear around this time because it's not red but is still as beautiful as it. It's a lovely shade and looks great on all skin tones. (:

  • Grays and black are something that are also still in style. During the winter months everyone switches over to the more darker color palette and these are the colors I see worn by girls that are on the dark side. I used to never be a fan over black nail polish until I tried it and I actually liked it! It's almost like a statement, it will tie together any outfit.

  • Baby Pink is something that I've seem worn for those who don't want to get into the dark colors and just want to keep the winter time pastel. I love wearing pastels, they just give an airy and warm appearance. Also who can resist a baby pink? Its so cute and can be so versatile for different nail art designs.
What are your go-to colors for the New Year/ this time of the year?
Tell me below!
 Have a great afternoon!


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