Thursday, January 9, 2014

New year, starting fresh, time to get organized!

It's a new year which means you have another opportunity to start fresh on a clean slate!

If you're a student like I am, this is the time to make sure this semester you get everything right. You had a chance to fully experience all of your classes, what study methods work, and learn your teachers. (not that it takes everyone half of the school year for a wake up call, but hey better late than never)

So today I have some tips on staying focused on school.

1. When you come home do not trick yourself into watching a little bit of TV to unwind and then do your homework. I'm a victim of this, ahem.....Pretty Little Liars and I have to say that this isn't a great idea due to the fact that sometimes after watching my show I either want to (1) watch more or (2) discover that I'm tired. So just proactive and when you get home eat a snack and do all of your homework. Then, you will have time to do whatever your heart desires!

2. Clean out your binder and folders. I find this very important because you most definitely do not want to be confused of where your work is or simply not being able to find it! Clean everything out and put old work in a safe place where you can always reference back to it if you need to later on in the year. (especially if you take AP classes and/or know you have a problem in a certain subject, do not throw away everything!)

3.Study. *sigh* I know, I're wondering why I am bringing up this horrible thing we should do. Welllllll because I want to tell you that its not that bad. I happen to take three AP classes and two classes that count as college credits (they aren't apart of college board) and they are a lot of work. 

Recently I've seen the effect of studying and surprisingly it works, I say surprisingly because I've never been the one to actually "study." But I didn't do it alone, I found this app called, Study Blue, you can find it here. Study Blue is a website (and also an app) where you make digital flashcards and then study them three different ways: flashcard, quiz, and review sheet. Even after that you can still after the ways the questions and or information is given. I have to say I love Study Blue!

4. Strive for the best and work your hardest. This is something that I cant exactly help you with. At the end of the day, you are your own motivator. YOU have to want that "A" or to succeed at remembering that math formula. But I know its inside of you!

You Got This (:

5. This is a NEW YEAR. Forget about all the wrong you did and start over. Do everything you went "Ugh, I can't believe I messed up again!" or "Why didn't I start this earlier?" Help yourself out girl! (or man! haha)

I hope this helps you get back on track!
Do you have any tips on how to make this year better academically wise?
If so I would love to hear them below and on that note I'm going to go start my homework myself!(:


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