Sunday, March 23, 2014

Whats been happening + Looks For Less

Good Afternoon beauties! Kadasia here.

I hope you are as well rested as I am haha, Spring Break has started for me and I feel great!

But what I really wanted to talk about these past couple weeks and where I have been.

As you know, I'm in school. Now I love blogging very much and its so fun to share things through these posts with you all! But sometimes I get wrapped up in schoolwork and I can not have the joy of doing so but I do plan to have lots of time this week to chat and blog!

So, with that I would like to apologize for my absence! It was nothing personal I've just been super busy between essays and quizzes and tests and trying to sleep when I can. But I am back(:

Now onto the fun stuff!

From reading previous post, you guys have seen my little hints of, Looks For Less, I'm very excited to jump into this topic and help you guys look fashionable and still have some money left over!

So the first item that I purchased for this series is the watch from Target. Its made by Merona; a rose gold/bronzy watch with three "decorative clocks" in the middle ( they do not actually tell time but its made to mock a chromatographic watch). I reallllllly love this watch, I wear it almost every day! Its really easy to match it with an outfit and sometimes I just throw it on to add a little color.

I wanted to mock these Michael Kors watches 
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch Review 
Soooo, I hope that you guys enjoyed this and I can't wait to find more bargains! If you have any ideas of something to find for less. let me know in the comments below and also if you have anything you've found!

Until next time(;

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