Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some things that I find interesting

Hey there! Kadasia here. Today I just wanted let you guys in on some things that I've found cool or interesting lately that I of course found on Pinterest. 

|||Periodic Table Shower Curtain|||

Haha okay so something you guys should know about me is that I love Chemistry. I'm currently enrolled in AP Chemistry and it's kicking my butt, but in time we"ll be friends. But anyways, this curtain just made me chuckle because its a HUGE periodic table for your shower...I mean who thought of that?Style is Elemental Shower Curtain - Multi, Scholastic/Collegiate, White, Novelty Print, Better
|||Making shapes with paper for your camera|||

Now this one is really cool guys (I've had a chance to try it out). So all you do is take your camera, (I did this on the Canon Rebel t3i) and simply cut out a shape as the person did below and put it on your camera. Now I can't tell you how to put this on, whether with tape or any other adhesive because to be honest I just held it up with my hand to refrain from damaging my mothers camera. The trick is instead of making the picture completely focused you'll need to play around with the settings in order to keep it from autofocusing and voila! 

|||Convert your shirt|||

So this is a very simple DIY for us girls out there who want to make our clothes different from the rest! It's a pretty simple DIY.

Have you seen anything thats caught your eye recenty?
Tell me of so below!
Have a great day

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