Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to get well/stay well during winter

     Hey guys it's Kadasia, today I just want to give you some tips on staying healthy during the winter. I haven't even able to post lately sir to being sick, I even had to miss school (ugh---make up midterms). So here we goooo(:

1. Drink lots of fluids. Your body needs you to replenish all of the nutrients it's lacking. Now when I say fluids I don't mean to go and drinks tons of soda, coffee, or hot coco. I know it's hard but drinks things such as water, orange juice (great vitamin C booster) or hot tea (green tea is wonderful)

2. Stay warm! I know this sounds like such a cliché, but it really is important to stay warm. If your wearing any type of shirt or sweater that has an open middle to it, exposing your chest then wear a scarf. If your worried about the stylish aspect of a scarf, infinty scenes are trending and are perfect to stay in fashion an keep warm. You can buy one or simply diy a regular scarf in your closet. They are great because you will always have a thick, warm price of clothe around you repay and chest area. 

3. Cough drops on you. Cough drops are a must have I you go on little "cough sprees" as I like to call them. They will quickly soothe your throat and helps to minimize coughs. But don't go for the fruity kinds such as Halls Defense or Breezers. You want something that's going to help get you better. Get the originals and if you want some that actually taste yummy then the strawberry flavor is the one for you. 

4. Sleep. Getting proper sleep is important, especially wen your sick. Your body is trying it's best to get you through the day an needs to take time to rest at the end of the day, even go to bed early if you can.

5. Medicine. If your takin medication to get well, then make sure to take it as the box says too. If it says every four hours, try to take it every four hours or else you will be defeating the purpose of the meds. 

6. Tissues. I keep my own little set of tissue made by Kleenex. My tracers made only have paper towels which will just irritate my nose so I keep them on me. Mine are the ones that are flat and can fit in your pocket, they have beautiful designs also. 

7. Showers. Shower at night in order to minimizes getting even sicker. If it's already cold outside and your fresh out of the shower, your pores are still open from that nice steamy water. So if you can shower at night. 

8. Hand sanitizer. You don't want to pass on germs or let other ones into your already weakened immune system. So keep your hands nice and clean. 

     Those are all of my tips on staying well/geting well during the winter time. Have a wonderful night guys ! If you have nay tips I would love to hear about them in the comments! 

                    Till next time 

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