Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What to wear?

Christmas is tmrw! Are you excited?! *Happy Dance*
(I hope your screaming yes into your computer)
Well I am and today I'm bringing to you two outfit ideas for the holiday season, one fancy and the other for a casual occasion.

The first is a simple and casual look. It can be worn out to the store, if your just going out to get some coffee with a friend or even if your going over someone's house for Christmas to deliver presents, but nothing fancy. 

What I have here is a simple sweater paired with medium washed skinny jeans, riding boots and a infinity scarf. Those are the key pieces to this outfit; now you could always switch out the colors and also boots for maybe Ugg's or Converse (depending on where you love and how cold it is). For the bag I just went simple with a cross body the same color as the sweater and the same for the earrings. Lastly I added a silver bracelet and some lip color. 

Next is an outfit for a fancy Christmas dinner or a night out on Christmas. It's dressy and very classy.

Here I have a red chiffon dress. That is the staple piece to this outfit...what kind of dress you wear. Now in order to build on this outfit I added a skinny sparkly belt. For the shoes I added two opinions; flats or heels. Since it's winter, I added a beige trench coat to keep you warm and as for the accessories I have a sparkly clutch and simple jewelry. I wanted to go bold with the lips, just because it Christmas! Oh and if it gets too cold, you can put on a pair of black tights to keep your legs warm.

I hope that you can take inspiration from these two outfits!
But remember, whatever you wear, you"ll look fabulous!
If you have any questions or advice let me know in the comments
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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