Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Healthy Breakfast

Hello lovelies Ana here! Today I wanted to inspire you guys with a some quick & easy healthy breakfast! As we all know breakfast is our most important meal... However, a healthy breakfast is a chore, due to time & effort! Below is my new favourite breakfast it's super quick and way easy!

The above breakfast takes me literally 5 minutes! It's oatmeal with Cocunut spreads and strawberries! Whats so good about this meal?? Well for one, it's way easy to change up! I prefer plain oatmeal, but any flavor will do for this! Next are the toppings, I like Cocunut spreads with strawberries, but any mixture of fruits will do (strawberries and bannas taste bomb!)!
All in all this takes 5 minutes and keeps you full and energized through your next meal!

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