Friday, November 15, 2013

Save Time in the Mornig

Hello lovelies, Ana here! As we all know mornings can be heck tick, and even getting out the door can prove to be a huge struggle! Below are some amazing tips that I use everyday in order to make my mornings run more smoothly:

Prepack your bag. This ones pretty self explanatory, just prepack your belongings the night before! Whether it's your backpack or even the purse you'll be using the next day, have it prepared the night before. This way all you'll have to do in the morning is grab your bag & go!

Choose your outfit in advance. This one can be very tricky as everyone picks out their clothes in the morning based on mood, weather, or even comfort; however, I find that if look-up the weather & plan my outfits two or three days in advance my mornings move a lot quicker. This tip also helps prevent a mountain of clothes from gathering in your closet!

Know what to with your hair. I have a huge problem with this one, as I like to curl my hair the night before, and let the curls fall a little bit overnight! Despite this, I still try to plan my hairstyle in advance as well. I find my mornings go smoother when I wake up knowing what to do, rather than have to try diffrent hairstyles as I'm getting ready.

Wash your makeup brushes the night before. If you wear makeup then you know how difficult it is to work with dirty brushes; the colors either don't come out right, or if it's dirty enough the brush will not pick up the makeup! For this reason I try to wash my brushes every four to five nights, this way they'll be clean & dry by morning!

If you guys have anymore tips, I'd love to read them in the comments below

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