Saturday, November 30, 2013

Healthy eating BUT have peanut allergies ?

     Hey guys it's Kadasia here and I have allergies to....basically everything lol. Well if your like me, wanting to eat healthy and get fit or just like to eat yummy veggies, fruit, and nuts and have allergies then you understand my point exactly!
     So being the Pinterest addict that I am, I was int he Fitness & Health category to search some new ways to get fit & healthy and maybe even slim down a little in the process. So I came across some really cool pins and I'll show you one below! 

     Okay. BAM first one already stabs me in the heart, they are using almonds! Can't eat those and then next on the list is peanut butter...nooooooo!

     Well the good new is that there are alternatives to these nuts. What I like to eat if I'm craving a nutty flavor are: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, granola even. These seeds give off the crunchy and oily taste that nuts do and make you feel like your not missing out haha. Also dried fruit like plantain chips, apple chips, banana chips...I think they have pretty much every fruit out there in a chip form and that will also add a sweet crunch. 

     Now if your a granola kind of chick (or dude (; ) there is a brand of granola that i personally love made by, Back to Nature, its so delicious !

I hope that this helps anyone who is dealing with this problem! You don't have to give up healthy snacks, just do a "healthy swap!"

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!
Talk to ya later!

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