Friday, November 8, 2013

Julep, a nail polish subscription company.

             Hi guys, Kadasia here!
Tonight I want to talk to you about Julep; a company that you subscribe to and every month you are sent nail polish for $19.99 (give or take tax and or shipping)! Sounds awesome right !? Well let me tell you it is ! I have tried out this company and so far so good...I haven't tried out my 2 polishes but a review for that will be up soon ! 
       For more information about Julep, go to Also if you would like to try out Julep and become a Maven (what a member is called) I'll have a referral code to get your first Maven box free, well excluding the shipping which is $3.99 haha. Here's what came in my box!
Two informational cards about Julep & my personal style (; ||| a instant warming foot scrub with cucumber and mint (which is so shooting to use) ||| my two nail polishes |||| Luxe Repair Skin Serum (makes your skin soft (: )
        If you have any questions please ask below ! Until next time ! (: 

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