Monday, November 18, 2013

Sleeping in Style!

      So a little while ago I decided that it was time to get a new comforter. Something new and different. Therefore I headed over to my favorite store, Target, of course (; 
      Here I found a beautiful quilt (which I've never had). Gahhhhh! I love it. So it reads, "Goodnight.....Sleep Tight," in repition in a gorgeously selected cursive. 

            Now for the shocking part

This quilt was found in the baby aisle haha. Yes, you read correctly. Let me explain. 

     While I was in Target looking in the teen and even the more modern/adult section of bedding I just couldn't fun one that suited me ! So I walked around some more going through all the aisles and saw this beauty(: it really ironic for a 'chic' teenager to purchase children bedding...but it's more original than what made for teens. 
     Now the price for a quilt is more on the pricy side but I promise you it's worth every penny! My quilt set was around $70, it came with the quilt and a sham for the pillow. I have nothing bad to say about it either! It keeps me nice and cozy at night(: 

    So what I learned is to "go outside the box," you never know what you might find ! 

                   Until next time !

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