Monday, October 28, 2013

Workout Do's & Don'ts

Hey guys, Ana here, and lately I've been upping my workouts! This means not only elongating the workout sessions but trying out knew things and pushing my body harder than expected! Despite my efforts, I do find it easy to stray into bad fitness habits. The following rules are things that I try to keep in mind to make sure that I'm properly working my body!

Don't skip meals. Many people skip meals through out the day in order to "lose more weight" when in fact skipping meals slows down your metabolism to a dead halt.
Do eat six healthy mini meals through out your day. This will keep your metabolism high, and your energy level up!

Don't over train. If you've just started working out don't over work your body, this will only hurt your muscles & slow you down the following day.
Do push your self harder each day you workout. Set realistic goals, and increase reps & time intervals.

Don't set unrealistic goals. Once you make unreachable goals, you'll never be truley happy with your results!
Do set challenging goals! If your overall goal is to run a mile in 7 minutes, start with running one in 11, & work from there. This method will allow you to keep pushing yourself while achieving good results in the meantime!

Don't think skinny! If the only reason you're working out is to be "skinny" then you will never be happy with your results. Plenty of times this involves starving your self & not providing your body with essential nutrients.
Do set reasonable limitations! If you ultimate goal is to lose weight & gain muscle, then by all means watch what your eating. This doesn't meant don't eat, just simply switch unhealthy foods for foods that are healthy and enjoyable (I love to eat fruits)!

Don't think negatively! This one says it all, don't ever think bad about yourself when working out!
Do motivate yourself! When it comes to working out & staying fit, you are your best advocate! Don't depend on others for support, be self sufficient!
All in all these are rules that I workout by! By following these guidelines I'm able to keep myself happy & motivated, even when I'm "too tired" or when the weather is not its best for an outdoor workout! I'd love to hear even more tips from you guys, so feel free to share them in the comments below!

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